Rocky Red Checked Silk Tie for Men

Style No. 223

“A tie can be your only sense of identity in a world of dark suits and dress shirts. After years of searching for men’s ties that held a good knot, were simple, clean, bold, and thick, I was often left wanting. Even if I was able to find the right tie, I grew tired of spending half a day’s pay to buy it. You may wonder how I am able to sell these beauties for much less than the ties sold on 5th Avenue and Jermyn Street. Made on the same production line as those brands, I bring them to you at a cost that is reasonable and affordable. Why such a difference in cost? Real estate, employees, ego. (I have very little of all three.)”

Rocky Red Checked Tie
Made on Italian Weavers
100% Wool Interlining
100% Silk

Indicative Price: $25.00

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